ECOassistance have highly experienced badger ecologists who can provide you with advice if you have a badger related issue.

There are different rules and procedures depending on whether your issue is badger damage related or if you have a building or development project which might affect badgers. ECOassistance can provide you with everything you need whatever the problem and have a client list which includes the Environment Agency, Kent Highways, National and local developers and building companies and countless happy homeowners. For advice and a free site visit and assessment contact us now

Our experienced ecology team provide a comprehensive service with regards to badger surveys and mitigation including:

  • Badger presence/absence survey.
  • Badger activity surveys including bait marking.
  • Badger mitigation designs and licenses (Damage License and Development License).
  • Sett monitoring.

Badger mitigation advice and installation including:    

  • Above ground exclusion fencing.
  • Below ground exclusion fencing.
  • Sett exclusion using one-way badger gates.
  • Sett destruction (Please note: sett destruction can only take place under license after the above services have been carried out and if a license from Natural England is granted).

Badgers and their setts are protected by law and interfering with a badger sett carries the risk of prosecution.

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