Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (P.E.A) are the first phase of ecological surveys and are a planning requirement. Sometimes referred to as Phase 1 survey or extended Phase 1 survey, a P.E.A. survey report describes the habitat types that are present on-site in and around the survey area and considers the potential for protected species.

If you need an ecological report for your planning application, we can help. Our ecologists work closely with the council departments and have an excellent understanding of ecological surveys and reports for the planning process.

The P.E.A. informs both the client and the Local Planning Authority whether targeted protected species surveys or mitigation are required prior to development.
  • Habitat appraisal
  • Potential for protected species
  • Presence of invasive weeds
  • Desktop surveys
  • Local biological record centre checks

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  • Habitat Classification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Habitat Map
  • Protected Species Potential
  • Report for Planning
  • Future Recommendations
  • Fully Insured
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