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Providing Bat Surveys for Kent and South East England

ECOassistance ecologists have been conducting bat surveys for more than 10 years. Our range of services includes, but are not limited to Bat scoping surveys for trees and structures, bat emergence & re-entry surveys, bat activity surveys, aerial inspection bat surveys with an endoscope, mitigation Plans for roosting bats, UK & European Licence Applications, and mitigation supervision.

As our ecologists have both Natural England licenses with accreditations to disturb bats with an endoscope and CS38 aerial rescue licenses we are able to offer tree surveys for bats that can be carried out at any time of year.


  • initial P.E.A
  • emergence and re-entry surveys
  • internal structure inspections
  • exterior building inpections
  • activity surveys
  • Tree roost assessment

Bat Surveys in Kent & London areas:

1 Tree Surveys, Installation of Bat Boxes

2 Supervision of soft Demolition
Fully Insured Bat Ecologists

3 Licenced Mitigation Services.
Fully Insured Bat Ecologists

Quick Survey Turnaround when you need it.

Climbing Surveys

  • Climbing surveys for bats can be carried out all year round and are not limited by the active season like other presence/absence surveys. We have ecologists who hold both Natural England licenses for bats and a CS38 City & Guilds accreditation to carry out aerial rescue. This means that they are qualified to climb the tree with ropes and harness and also licensed if any inspection causes disturbance to roosting bats.

Bat Scoping Survey

From £349

  • Habitat Classification
  • Ground-Based Tree Assessments
  • Building Assessments
  • Loft Surveys
  • DNA Analysis
  • Report for Planning
  • Future Recommendations

Emergence / Re-entry Surveys

£30/ Hour

  • Hourly Rates
  • Fully Qualified Surveyors
  • Full Spectrum Detectors
  • All Activity Recorded
  • Presence / Absence Surveys
  • Roost Characterisation
  • Full Reporting

Aerial Inspection Surveys

From £560/ Day

  • 2 Qualified Climbers
  • Level 2 Bat Survey Licence
  • Licence to use Endoscope
  • Year-Round Service
  • LOLER - Certificated
  • Full Reporting
  • Multiple Trees Per Day

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