Any site with potential habitat for reptiles will require a presence/absence survey and may require mitigation. Mitigation for reptiles can be time-consuming and expensive with translocations lasting between 30 and 90 days. We use a different pricing metric to most other ecology consultancies for reptile surveys and translocations and so we expect to beat any like-for-like quote for reptile surveys and translocations in Kent. Eco assistance also provides mitigation plans and habitat enhancement for reptiles including receptor area creation with hibernacula to satisfy planning conditions.

Presence / Absence Survey Reptiles

ECOassistance carries out preliminary presence-absence surveys for reptiles. This involves an experienced ecologist visiting your site to set refugia (small black tiles of either roofing felt or carpet tiles) which attracts British reptiles. After a bedding-in period of 5 - 7 days (weather dependant) the ecologist will return to the site on 7 separate occasions to determine whether reptiles are present, species classification and make a population estimate with the data collected. This data will inform you of the requirements under current government guidance as to whether translocation will be needed and for what duration of time.

Reptile Translocation Services

ECOassistance can provide a comprehensive solution for reptile translocations, including locating a suitable receptor area, advising and reporting on the translocation in order to satisfy the local planning authority and carrying out all aspects of the translocation. We provide weekly updates and reporting on animal captures to ensure our clients know as soon as a destructive search can be undertaken (if required) and development can progress.

To date, ECOassistance ecologists have completed over 100 successful reptile translocations in Kent in line with guidance.

Reptile Landscaping Services

ECOassistance can install reptile mitigation including exclusion fencing to create donor and receptor areas for reptiles and habitat enhancement from log piles and hibernacula all the way up to purpose-built nature reserves.

Following the cessation of the reptile translocation, ECOassistance provides all plant machinery and personnel needed to conduct a destructive search.

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